ITLPro Solutions’ offer Smart and Innovative Solutions to the Industries by recognizing challenges and helping to solve with comprehensive knowledge & rich industrial experience & the latest trends in Automation. The solutions leverages ITLPro Solutions’ own products and services and other branded products to integrate standardized systems and components into the custom solutions. Depending on the requirements, these can be integrated either directly or with slight modifications as they are tried-and-tested products which are cost-effective and easy to integrate.

For the Industries, ITLPro Solutions’ offers variety of Services & Solutions in multi-domain streams. We are focused on Embedded, Software, Mechanical developments (including integrated) for application to various industries like Energy Utility, Oil & Gas Utility, high Power Machineries to Portable Machineries, Chemical Factories, Instrumentation, Monitoring and Control Process Industry, Gauging, Automations, Transportation Industry and Medical etc.
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Industrial Automation Solutions
1.    Solutions to any problem

2.    Integrated Engineering to provide best Solutions

3.    Multi-domain expertise in Automation in Electrical, Electronics, Embedded, Software, Cloud computing, Web based solutions, Mechanical Engineering etc.
Why Choose Us?
1.   One Stop Solution
2.   Expertise
3.   High Success Rate
4.   Readiness
5.   Strong Ecosystem
1.    We can offer you the Complete Solutions at best rate than any other Industry with the Guarantee and Warranty

2.    Faster Track Solutions

3.    Focused on providing transformational Solutions and Services using Product Engineering and IT

4.    Rich experienced team

5.    Priority for customer’s requirements. Constantly optimize our processes and structures

6.    Intelligent and Innovative Solutions is priority to us
Hospital Management Solutions
1.   Patient monitoring & Records Management
2.   Lab Equipment, Records
3.   Nurse Calling System
4.   Hospital Administration, Networking, Scheduling etc. 
Home & Office Automation Solutions
1.   Video Monitoring & Alarm System
2.   Appliance Control & Security System
3.   Access Control System
4.   Remotely Control using Mobile App or Secure web login

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Some Automation Solutions are :
NI LabVIEW based Automation Solutions
PC based Automation Solutions
PLC based Automation Solutions
Embedded Controller based Automation Solutions